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Poesie (Poetry) Album of

Betsie (Elisabeth Hendrika Anna) Hopman


The 51 individuals below wrote by hand, poems to my great grandmother and their friend Betsie ( Elisabeth Hendrika Anna) Hopman.

All entries are from the years 1869 and 1870. All individuals seems to have been born between 1853 and 1860.

We have scanned the pages and compiled them in an online album. Please use your CTRL button and mouse wheel to enlarge the images.  Click here to view the album images.

We would like it very much to receive any information on these individuals that you might have, so we can establish relationships. Free printable images are available to descendants.

Everything in brackets added by me.           Names are in order they appear in the book

Poetry book owner: Betsie ( Elisabeth Hendrika Anna) Hopman was born 3 Feb 1855 in Leiderdorp

Her Father was Anthonius Franciscus Hopman born 1826   Her Mother is Christina Maria Elisabeth Eberson born 1828, died 1889

Mina Burger , Arnhem                                                       Marie Hopman (her sister, born Leiderdorp 8 April 1853 )                             Henri (Hopman, her brother, born  Leiden 9 Mei 1860)

Cil van Boxtel , Nijmegen                                                   Florina Dobbelman  Nijmegen                                                                        Louisa ( her sister, born Leiderdorp 27 Apr 1858)

L. Albers Amsterdam                                                           Marie Heijman Nijmegen                                                                                 Jacquilina Dolmans  Tiel

Geertrud  Vemer  Oost                                                        Maria     ???      Nijmegen                                                                                 Agnes Veerkamp      Nijmegen

Constance van Boxtel   Nijmegen                                     E Heijman          Nijmegen                                                                                 Maria Deelen    Nijmegen 

Pauline Raijmakers Nijmegen                                            Gerardine Luijks   Bosch                                                                                  Clara van Woerden   Rotterdam

Cecile Robbers   Arnhem                                                   Cil? van Wijck  Heteren  born 28 Jan 1853                                                     Elisa Hopman  Woerden

Anna van Wijck  Heteren born 18 Jan 1853  (Father Richardus Mother Jacoba Alijda Meijer)                                                              H. Mascheck    Nijmegen

C. Vemer                                                                             Betsie Lasance   Amsterdam                                                                            

Albertina Geerligs     Nijmegen born 4 Jan 1853    (Full name Albertina Theodora Johanna , Father Pieter Hendrik Jan Geerligs , Mother Gerarda van Beek)

Clara Kempers   Lobith                                                      Allegonda Kloosterman  Nijmegen  (Full name Allegonda Jacoba Petronella born 12 Feb 1857 , Father Jan Franciscus Kloosterman    Mother Johanna Cecilia van der Heijden)

Theodora Roes     Winssen (born 9 Juni 1854  Father Bernardus Anthonius mother Carolina Lamberdina Theresia Frederika Van Der Heijden)

O. Bloemarts  Gennep  born 23 Februari 1855  Full name Maria Aloise Otilie Theodora Huberta ,   father Auguste Marie Geoffroi Hubert Bloemarts Mother Maria Pauline Josephina Hubertina Thissen)

C. van Woerden Nijmegen                                                 Betsie van Haagen  Utrecht                                                                      

Cato Geerligs  Nijmegen born 12 Juli 1854  (Full name Catharina Jacoba Geertruida Maria ,  father Pieter Hendrik Jan Geerligs  Mother Gerarda van Beek)

B. Meijboer     Nijmegen 9 Sep 1853                                  Bertha Mommers     Den Helder                                    G. Waanders  Nijmegen

Philomina Raijmakers Helmond  (born 17 Dec 1853   full name Philomena Catharina Maria Raijmakers  father  Johannes Antonius Raijmakers    Mother Petronella Theodora Maria Antonia Hubert Bovens)

Henriette Rijsssen  Nijmegen                                          Marie van Zetten   Beek                                                   Dina Wolff    Rotterdam

H. E. Dercksen   Arnhem                                                   Carolina van Boxtel   Tiel                                                  Marga Rijken    Nijmegen 3 Sept. 1854

Betsy Livingstone   Leiden  (Born Elisabeth Wilhelmina 12 Nov 1857 in Breda)                                                    Carolina Robbers    Arnhem 21 Maart 1856                 

H.  Luken  (Umlaut on u )    Zwolle     29 Julij 1854              Wilhelmina Rosendael    Nijmegen                               Henri Jansen  Arnhem

J. Reijners  Nijmegen 29 Julie 1859                                   Trees Dolmans   Nijmegen                                                Carolina Jansen   Arnhem

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